Premium Norwegian Shellfish since 1930

Buffet shell, 75 g

55 g first class white crab meat, 20 g liver / roe. Contains a mix of white meat, brown meat and roe. Suitable for starters and gratin. May contain small shell fragments.

Crab Claws – ready to eat

These fresh claws are Our finest quality. We are crushing the claws for you here at Hitra, so you dont have to do this at home.

Fine minced crabmeat, block

Fresh cooked fine minced meat from leg and cluster of the crab. The crab meat is chopped (fine minced). No shell pieces larger than 0.5 mm. Natural flavour, no additives. Often used in surimi production. Frozen in blocks, Frozen product.

Handpicked cocktail claws

Front part of a cooked crab claw, hand peeled with one of the claw tip intact. Cocktail claws are single frozen (IQF). Available as frozen product.

Handpicked clawmeat

Hand peeled cooked claw meat in a mixture of smaller and larger pieces. Available as frozen product. May contain small shell fragments.

Brown crabmeat, block

Brown meat of crab Roe and liver mass from the Crab.  Brown is the mix of about 30% liver of male crabs and 70% liver and eggs from the female crab. No shell. Separated from the shell with a machine. Natural flavour, no additives. Frozen in blocks, Frozen Product.

Whole cooked crab

Edible crab cooked whole. Guaranteed full fed ready for serving.  Cartons: 5 Kg, 7,5 Kg, 10 Kg and 14 Kg


Crab recipes

Crab can be served for both large and small occasions or when you want to treat yourself to something good.
On krabbe.no you can find recipes for tasty crab dishes. Enjoy the best seafood for Norway with recipes for those who have not eaten crab and for the crab lover.

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